EcoGold Calmatech Dressage Pad

Two words. I’m thrilled. I’ve used this pad a few times, washed it, and am absolutely in love with it. I decided to try it because my boy, Carter, gets sensitive rub spots during the winter months and the only thing I’ve been able to do is switch saddles to calm them. Not anymore! This pad has been a lifesaver! It fits great. Makes my saddle fit better. And, Carter seems to go more freely in it. I was using a traditional dressage pad with a popular half-pad but each year, around this time, he’d start getting small rubs that would stay until Spring. So far, no rubs. I know it’s only early winter…but I am an optimist!

Yes, some say this pad is expensive. I wouldn’t disagree. However, it’s worth it’s weight in gold if it does the job! I’m sold! Find them at

Dressage in Black & White Rating: Highly Recommended!

EcoGold Calmatech -- GREAT pad!
EcoGold Calmatech — GREAT pad!

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