Birthday wishes to my Munchkin!

I love July 7. It’s the day that I get to celebrate with a molasses, carrot and oats cake. I make a big deal about it because it’s my boy’s birthday! This year, Carter is turning six (yes, I realize being a TB he officially turned six January 1, but I celebrate his real birthday)….


Horse Junkies United has partnered with several organizations to bring a nasty practice to light and, hopefully, spread the support to end it!  Click here to read the HJU post Share. Believe. Support. End Bullying.

Living the Life, Wellington style

I’ve almost resolved my internal conflict of returning to two feet of snow and dropping temperatures. You see, earlier this week I was in the most serenely wonderful equestrian playground – Wellington, Florida. It was my first trip there and I don’t think I could have packed anything more in the seven, glorious days of…

A Horse Junkie Prepares for Her Inaugural Wellington Experience

I can hardly wait!  Even today’s -17 degree weather can’t quash my excitement because I get to escape this wicked winter. I am going to Wellington! My travel arrangements are made. My to-do schedule is nearly complete. My credit cards are paid down. Now to take out my Florida-wear out of the deep recesses of…

This is a celebration of our 2013 Dressage season. Our first season of USDF/USEF rated shows culminating in our participation in the GAIG/USDF Region 2 Dressage Championships and I could not be more proud of Carter! Yay, buddy!

We got this!

In four days Carter and I will be competing in the GAIG/USDF Regional Dressage Championships. This is my mantra for the next 72 hours… SMILE… BREATHE…Enter A working trot, X halt salute… 1….2…3…, proceed working trot track left at c (eyes forward, head between the ears, find my focal point). hxk one loop (straightness, right/left),…

The Great Power Outage of 2011

People. We’re a funny lot. Expect everything immediately, especially in this day of constant connection, immediate reward, technology and progress. Funny thing is that Mother Nature hasn’t progressed along with us… she doesn’t have an iPad, or work remotely, or even know what air conditioning or freezers are (at least not the technologically-developed sort anyway)….