Conversations with Carter

So, my human is trying to figure out how to do a lead change. I tell you it’s seriously taking a toll on my mental health. She gets going and I’m just about ready and NOPE… she grips, she wiggles, and gets all buggy-eyed and nope to the nope she doesn’t give me the cue. So, I’m there waiting and waiting being patient beyond all belief for this 52-year-old to give IN to the change. Let me take you, lady, I know where we’re going. It’s a simple SIT YOUR BUTT STILL, don’t do anything with the reins and change your outside leg. Let me say it again for those in the back CHANGE YOUR OUTSIDE LEG. And, BAM, I’ll switch. Seriously, stop all the drama. It’s a lead change and I, for one, am particularly fond of them now. Just let me, human! SHEESH! You want your Bronze… we have to do this for that.

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