Negative Nodes and Good Margins! I call it a success!

Monday I had the little shithead of an M&M (aka TicTac) removed via lumpectomy and two nearby lymph nodes went along with it. I found out last night that it was, in fact, (see The journey of me and my little M&M) a Stage 1, Grade 1, 9 mm IDC and that the surgeon got good margins — there was also “extensive” DCIS surrounding the tumor which the radiologist doesn’t like too much. So, I’ll find out next week if she recommends external radiation or if I am good to go. I’m thinking the latter.

Today is day three post-op and I’m starting to feel a little bit more like myself. I’m still very, VERY swollen and so bruised…but, if you look at me I bruise, so it’s not shocking or a surprise. I’m doing well, considering what my mind and body have been through in less than a month. I’m so very grateful for my family, friends, and my care team… they wasted no time to get this resolved and each time I was talking to one of them or with one of them I felt like I was getting a huge hug. Hats off Advocate Good Shepherd cancer care team. I will forever be grateful for your help, support, and treatment.

Now, on with life. On with healing. On with being the healthiest version of me I can be so that this little bastard has no chance of returning.

My hope is that I can help at least one person. Go have your mammogram regularly. Speak up if you think something isn’t quite right. We only get one shot at this life thing. Live, love, smile.

My love and support go to all those still fighting the fight against this beast. You are strong. You are loved. You can do this! ❤

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