I Didn’t Break My Horse!

All Smiles After Our Ride
All Smiles After Our Ride

Carter probably doesn’t know it, but I leave for Wellington, FL early this week. That is, if the winter storm that’s quickly approaching decides to move on before my flight. I’ve already taken advantage of my airline’s travel policy and moved my reservations one day forward, so here’s hoping Mother Nature knows I’d really like to make it there earlier rather than later. Fingers crossed.

This morning, Carter and I had our last ride before my vacation and I couldn’t be happier with how it went. I was prepared this morning with a training plan. One that was built upon the many, many articles I’ve been reading readying myself for the day that I would actually plan our training ride. Until today, I kinda went around hoping for something good to come from our time together. I know. Not at all good for anyone’s training, especially my horse’s. But, I wasn’t prepared to plan a ride. However, that changed this morning and what a difference it made! I felt accomplished when we were finished. I nearly forgot that we’d been riding an hour when I noticed the time.  We did it! I had a plan. We worked on it. We deviated only a little to enjoy a quick stretchy canter, but we did exactly what, in my mind, was our perfect training ride. We worked on laterals – balanced on both leads. We worked on canter-walk, walk-canter transitions on both leads. We worked on sitting trot – well, I worked on sitting trot. He was a dream. I don’t know if I’ve said it enough, but I LOVE him!

I know this whole planned training ride is probably not really new for a lot of you. But, this week, today’s ride was our fourth ride since our last lesson a week ago Thursday. My trainer is on her annual training trip to Wellington and I had plans to make sure that Carter and I didn’t regress to Intro level by the time she returned. I am confident that, with his week off, we will be only a short ride away from being where we were when she left. PHEW! I cannot tell you how much of a confidence booster that is! I didn’t break my horse when my trainer was gone! Did you hear that? I DIDN’T BREAK MY HORSE!

Now, I can confidently board the plane knowing that we train with a plan. We are moving forward. I didn’t break my horse! That said, I’m beyond excited to hop off that plane for my second time visiting Welly World. I love it there. I’m fortunate enough to be able to go and I’m sure it won’t disappoint. I will get to see my first CDI-5*, my first Friday Night Under the Lights Freestyles, and I’m certain a slew of opportunities to learn more than my small mind can hold. I’ll be visiting with Jessica Jo (JJ) Tate, watching a lesson with Scott Hassler, and I’m sure more surprises that are in store. I am also likely going to meet a few fellow HJU bloggers and, hopefully, the ultimate horse junkie – Patricia da Silva – who makes HJU possible! How cool will that be? I’m sure there will be a photo shared, or two!

Carter will not be joining me on this excursion. Instead, he’ll be staying behind enjoying a week-long vacation of his own. It’s well-deserved and I hope he enjoys his time off. I have a few fellow barn mates – Grey and Stefanie – who will be my stand in while I’m away. Making sure my little munchkin is well cared for:  de-burring his forelock (I’m certain), giving him a nightly bell boot check so he doesn’t lose that blessed shoe, extra hay and carrots so he knows he is loved. Of course, his vacation, while it sounds wonderful will likely be mixed with snow and cold.

Sorry, bud, I’ll take Wellington, palm trees, and sunshine, thank you!

Wait, Mom! Take me, too!
Wait, Mom! Take me, too!

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