Anticipation. Yes. Anticipation.

FirstLevelIf you’re a product of the 70s (or 60s) you likely remember that ketchup commercial and the Carly Simon song that accompanied it… Anticipation, Anticipation is making me wait. Well, anticipating I am! Carter and I will be making our First Level debut later this month!

I wasn’t sure we were going to put all the pieces together to get the green light from our trainer, Laura, but apparently the encouraging self-disciplined discussion I had with myself last week worked – of course she also gets credit (A LOT of it) for having the patience to get through a fun summer with the two of us.  With the reminders: counter bend, sit back, hands quiet, and find the 1,2 rhythm I am confidently anticipating September 27 and 28 when we get to show First Level Test 1 and First Level Test 2 as we begin our quest for a Bronze Medal.


An early practice... outdoor

We have worked hard this summer. It’s been just awful in terms of rain. We’ve had far too much of it to ride in the outdoor. That, I realized today, may be a blessing after all since Carter has learned to also anticipate – anticipating the canter departs at A (okay, actually he’s overachieving at F) – and I’m hoping since we’ve been working in the smaller indoor that his intuition will be a little less heightened when we hit the big outdoor with more room to stretch out and a bit more space for those departs.

A hack in the pastureWe’ve taken a breather this summer, too, at times. When the weather permits, riding in the Grand Prix jump field. I even tried my wits to jump over a small rail. I mean it wasn’t even cavalletti height and we walked over the first time, but trying put me ahead of those who never will! We’ve taken a scenic ride in the pasture and just spent time hanging out together. It’s been a blast. After all, fun is why we do this in the first place.

So, anticipate I will. I need to gather up all my show gear; ready the tack trunk and finesse the leg yields, half circles, lengthening at the trot and canter, and have a go at First Level. Anticipation is making me wait!

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